EscapeQR | Lightning Network gaming

8-bit bitcoin arcade game
Lightning Network education!

how to play
Pay LN invoice to start
Find all 4 bitcoin stacks!
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If page seems stuck, check invoice status manually
move: arrow keys
break wall: spacebar

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The more you pay, the higher you score!
free = 50% final score penalty
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+0.01x score multiplier per sat
(ex: 250 sats = 2.5x)
generate Lightning invoice
This is a randomly-generated example Lightning Network invoice.

If this was a real invoice, you would scan this QR code with your Lightning wallet to complete the microtransaction.

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How to play
EscapeQR is a fun way to start using bitcoin's instantaneous, nearly free payment layer: the Lightning Network!

coming soon: How to set up & fund your first Lightning wallet!

How to play
Your Lightning Network QR code invoice is the game map!

Each game costs 100 sats to play.

100 sats = 0.000001 of a bitcoin
(about 1 cent!)

Complete your microtransaction and get ready to dive into the maze!

How to play
Navigate the maze and click to break walls.

Each break creates new red walls.

Red walls are unbreakable!

How to play
Race to grab all four bitcoin stacks!

Each stack gives you bonus time and clears nearby red walls.

How to play
Don't get caught by the dirty fiat!

Fiat can cross red walls.

How to play
When you collect the last bitcoin stack the minimap will light up the exits.

Race to a blue exit before time expires!

LN payment received!
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